What is youth mental health


Mental health and issues teenagers face today



Having anxiety, depression, or any kind of mental stress lately? Hey there! Welcome to the club.


Don't feel left out, don't fret, don't stress, because we are here for you. No matter what you are facing right now. Keep reading this we are here to help.


It's not just you, everybody out there is suffering from one thing or the other. Exam stress, relationship problems, breakups, rejection, family problems, problem between friends, addictions, financial problems etc.


Know this before you do something immature or dangerous. It's not always about others, this one time it's going to be about you. You matter. Your life matters. Everybody has something in them that makes them worthy and you may haven't found yours yet.


Step one for self-recovery, forget about the people around you. Solely focus on yourself. See what you want, for once. Find out how much worthy you are!! Focus on yourself and your gut instincts.


Eventually a lot of people are going to be proud of you, starting from me.


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 - Asia Mazeer -


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