How to make whipping cream at home easily


Easiest recipe to make whipping cream at home at a low cost


Whipping cream
Whipped cream



whipping cream is used for plenty of purposes in our daily life. Most commonly needed to make dessert, whipped topping for cakes and pies.

In the market, we have to spend a little more to purchase it. Why go for the market when it possible to be produced at home at a low cost.


Here is the recipe:


Ingredients you need:


   1)  Water – ¼ cup (65ml)








   2)  Fresh milk – 1 cup (250ml)


Fresh milk
Fresh Milk






   3)  Corn flour – 1 Tablespoon.

Corn flour
Corn flour





   4)  Gelatin – 10g








   5)  Sugar – 2 tablespoons







(The above-mentioned ingredients are easy to get.)


How to make:

In a frying pan at low flame, pour the ¼ cup of water and add the gelatin with the water. Stir well until the gelatin is dissolved completely. Extinguish the stove when the gelatin mixture starts bubbling. Make sure the gelatin is dissolved completely. Keep aside the gelatin mixture and let it be cool.


In a bowl, pour the milk and add the gelatin mixture with it. Mix well together. Add sugar and cornflour with the mixture and mix them well until dissolution. 


Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for 45min.  


After 45 min, it will be a bit thickening due to gelatin. Mix it well again to dissolve. You can use the hand mixer as well to dissolve it. When you mixing it will form the foam. 


Now, use the beater until it gets completely fluffy. 



Keep in mind that don’t over-beat it after it becomes at the right level. Otherwise, it will cause to melt again.

Make sure it has no moisture.


Now whipping cream is ready.



Put the fresh whipping cream into a piping bag and enjoy. 


Piping Bag
Enjoying with Piping Bag


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