How to cure dandruff permanently?


Dandruff and har falls which millions of people all over the globe are facing nowadays. It plays a major role in women’s beauty. Not only mere in beauty but health too. So, especially dandruff will cause several health and beauty issues. Such as :

  • ·         Hair fall or loss.
  • ·         Head itching and flakes.
  • ·         Excessive skin cell growth on the scalp.


Though, in this tutorial, I’m going to let you know how to cure permanently dandruff torture and hair fall. Keep in mind always I’m sharing with you experienced remedies. So I fully believe it works for everyone 100% without any side effects and no more cost. 

What are the reasons for the formation of dandruff?

  • ·         Dirt deposition on the head
  • ·         The sedimentation of dead cells flakes on the scalp.
  • ·         Using a comb used by people with dandruff.
  • ·         Excessive stress
  • ·         Decreasing immunity and vitamins
  • ·         Increasing Body temperature

What is the variety of foods to eat to reduce dandruff?

  • ·         Drink plenty amount of water.
  • ·         Consume most hydrating fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, peaches, cucumber and so on.
  • ·         Strictly avoid junk food until dandruff curing
  • ·         Avoid types of fried foods as much can but no need to avoid them continuously.
  • ·         Have the Oil bath with Sesame Oil twice a week.

How to have an oil bath?

Heat the sesame oil lightly and apply the oil to the head well.  Then let it soak for about half an hour and Bathe in lukewarm hot water. Because Bathing in normal cold water while using sesame oil is not conducive to physical health. strictly have an oil bath continuously twice weekly. It not only relieves body heat but also strictly controls hair loss. 

Now, I’m going to expose to you some experienced home organic remedies to rid of dandruff and hair fall. 

First Method:

Ingredients you need:

  • ·         A handful of neem leaves: It has  much better potential to reduce dandruff

Neem Leaves

  • ·         Aloe vera gel from half leaf: It has many benefits not only for the skin but also for the hair and  has much more ability to maintain hair.

Aloe Vera gel
Aloe vera gel 

  • ·         Shallots or onions: It has the ability to strengthen the hair.


  • ·         Curd: It helps to reduce the body temperature as well as remove dandruff.


  • ·         Shikakai: It improves hair shininess and softness and can be used instead of shampoo. As well as refreshes the structure of the hair.


How to do:

Put all together in a grinder or mixer and blend and grind well until becomes a paste. Apply this paste all over the head, massage mildly and let it soak for one hour. But half an hour is enough for the people who have sinus Infections. Then have bathed with Shikakai or mild shampoo. Don't use chemical-rich shampoo types. if so,  it will improve dandruff and also hair falls. But I recommend Shikakai. try this remedy two times at home and definitely, you will get a positive result within a month.

Second Method:

  • Poduthalai leaves: This plant is growing in wet areas. These herbs are available in the herbal medicine shop. 

Poduthalai leaves
Poduthalai leaves

Take a teaspoon of Poduthalai leaves and mix well with pure coconut oil. Apply the mixture to the head and massage mildly. Wash off with normal water after half an hour. It will also cure dandruff.

Third Method:

  • ·         Aloe vera Gel as needed:

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe vera Gel 

  • ·         A little bit of lemon juice:

Lemon Juice

  • ·         Pure coconut oil:

coconut oil
Coconut oil 

Mix the above ingredients all together. Apply the mixture well to the head and wash off after half an hour. This method will also help to remove dandruff and stimulates the growth of dense hair.

Fourth Method:

Take a handful of neem leaf and pour the pure coconut oil into a bowl. Boil the coconut oil with neem leaf and filter the coconut oil. Let the oil cool. Now, apply the oil all over the head, massage gently and keep it as it is for one hour. Wash the head with normal water. If not, you can boil the neem leaves in water and apply the water to the scalp, massage and take a bath. It will also cure dandruff and hair falls. Not only this, with the help of this remedy you can cure head lice. 

Fifth Method:


Cut gooseberry into small pieces and boil with pure coconut oil. Filter the coconut oil and let it cool. Apply it to the head, mild massage and keep to soak for one hour. After it, have a shower or wash the head with normal water. This remedy will also help to cure dandruff and, the hair will start to grow thicker.


Follow one of the above methods regularly. None of these have a side effect. An absolute positive response is guaranteed for everyone. So these remedies strictly cure dandruff,  hair falls and heads lice. Furthermore, these remedies also cause your hair to grow darker and thicker.


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